The Kasanka Trust is a wildlife charity based in Zambia, the UK and the Netherlands, which manages the Kasanka National Park in Zambia’s Central province and hosts visitors and volunteers to Kasanka and the Bangweulu.

Kasanka is Zambia’s first national park under private management and is entirely reliant on tourism revenue and charitable funding. It is a valuable conservation area with diverse flora and fauna including many endangered species and exceptional birdlife.

The Bangweulu wetlands, just north of Kasanka are one of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife secrets with over 100,000 Black Lechwe and the world’s most visible Shoebills.







Kasanka National Park and the adjacent Bangweulu Wetlands make very rewarding destinations for visitors seeking to delve deeper into Africa’s hidden corners.

There are great opportunities for education and research in a real wilderness but with good supportive infrastructure. The Trust welcomes volunteers for both conservation and research.

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You can make a big impact on the lives of children around the world. Use available space in your luggage to provide supplies to communities you visit. Click for info.

The Elephant Charge is an annual off-road motorsport challenge held in the Zambian bush, every October.

It is a unique and exciting team event for cars and motorbikes that requires stamina combined with excellent driving and navigation skills.

The Elephant Charge was set up  to raise money for conservation causes and wildlife education in Zambia. Kasanka is one of the beneficiaries.

Fire safety proudly sponsored by

K A S A N K A   N E W S

5th Annual Kasanka Challenge
Ride & Run for Wildlife
23-25th May








It's all about Bats at Kasanka!


Kasanka Trust statements on Ebola:

Read details here.  Short version  /  Longer Version
Bottom Line - Enjoy watching bats, avoid eating bushmeat

Kasanka Trust is grateful for the kind donations of

  • Fire extinguishers by Amerex, Ndola,


  • Binoculars by Technolyt,
    The Netherlands


  • Paint by Prozam Paints Zambia.


  • Kasanka Ecologist Frank Willems talks about his time with the BBC “Africa” film crew…
    "It’s only a few days until the BBC footage of the Bangweulu Wetlands and Kasanka is aired in Attenborough’s “Africa” series. Seeing the previews in the media conjures up some excellent memories for me… I worked with the crews for both shoots; throughout August 2010 for the Shoebill and November 2010 for the bats. It was an experience I’ll never forget and made me appreciate what an epic undertaking the series must have been.
    Read article